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Bicycle Accident Claim Timeline

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How long is it going to take to resolve my bicycle accident injury claim?


Bicycle Accident Claim Timeline As with any personal injury claim here in Arizona, and really anywhere in the world, timing is everything. You want to retain adequate counsel early on so that they can keep you abreast of the time frame that it takes to resolve it. Some cases are easily resolved. If you’re on a bicycle and someone hits you, they only have a $15,000 insurance policy, and you’ve had to be helicoptered to one of the local hospitals, well that’s easy to resolve, if the fault is clear, because you’ll get a policy demand. In those cases that are not as clear as that, it could take some time. What you would want from your lawyer, and what you would certainly get here at Smith and Green, is for your lawyer to keep you abreast of the happenings of the case, so that your case is not resolved prematurely, but also so that your case is not strung along long after you are healed and long after you are back on your feet. There is no specific answer as to how long it will take. Each case is different, based on the facts and the amount of injuries that the bicyclist has sustained. I would urge you to have that conversation. If there’s any anxiety, if there’s any question about how long it’s going to take, have those candid conversations with your assigned attorney and they’ll give you some road maps, some points of interest, some guide markers to help you get a better understanding of how the case is proceeding through court. We’ll never end it too soon, but we’ll never keep it too long.

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