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5  Katie Janeczek via

I am so glad I was referred to Mr. Green. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to get into a new car, and none of my other medical expenses would’ve been paid for. He was so patient and understanding when I would get emotional and frustrated (which I cried just about every time we talked on the phone), and he was on my side to the very end. It was a long road, but we stuck it out and I couldn’t be happier with everything he took care of for me.
Thank you to everyone at this office who helped along the way!
100% recommend him!

5 Heather White via

This team is the best you will ever hire for all of your legal issues. Mr. Green has taken on two cases for me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would pick to handle these cases. He is smart, quick and impeccable in the courtroom and only has your best interest at heart. He is worth every cent!!!!!

5 Rigoberto Angulo Jr. via

Great law firm !! Recommend 100 % my insurance company was trying to low ball me and they got me double what the insurance company wanted to give me !! Great job guys !!

5 Justin W. via

I highly recommend Mr. Green and Mr. Smith!  I have relied on their knowledge and advice in various matters that I have been involved in and have been extremely satisfied with their assistance.  Their immense knowledge of the EEOC process and employment law in general has been extremely helpful to me.  They have also assisted friends of mine in civil litigation matters and family law matters as well.  Thank you for your assistance!

5 Yvonne A via

Dr. Smith was very attentive to the details of my case and I appreciated his honesty regarding all possible outcomes. However, his knowledge and legal prowess yielded a very positive result which was incredibly satisfying. I could not have succeeded with such a victory without his representation. Thank you!

5 Maria Flores via

Good honorable hard working men! Very polite and professional! I am very happy with both Mr Green and Mr Smith as they represented me with nothing but respect compassion and some of the BEST help I have ever had! Always there to answer questions and assist when needed! If I could give more STARS I would! Highly recommended!!!Thank you and God bless!!!

5 Cheryl Myers via

I have worked with many attorneys Both personally and in my career. Mr. Green was the most understanding, sincere attorney i have had the pleasure of using in my personal life. He knew the laws and knew what to expect of the whole process. He was very responsive and attentive to my pluthera of questions and many emails. Mr. Green treats you like a human and keeps the process down to earth and very light when dealing with such a sensitive subject. Unlike some attorneys he has the clients interest at heart. My case was completed and settled within 4 months. He is extremely reasonable on his fees.

5 Branton Grissum via

This is an excellent law firm! I would recommend Farrage and Smith to anyone!

5 Janeth, G via

I cannot express how thankful I am to have been represented by Mr. Smith. Our case required a significant amount of flexibility and patience as he dealt with seven people. Throughout the process he made himself available for questions/concerns and continuously kept us informed on where we were in the process. I can honestly say that I felt a weight off my shoulders knowing he was looking out for our best interest. If you need representation that is timely, knowledgeable, and professional, you can count on Quacy Smith!

5 Erica Mckie via

This is an amazing law firm! This is my first time ever having to use an attorney and I could not have made a better decision going with James and Quacy. Very honest and up front  about everything. I have never once felt like I was just any client. I have always felt like I am a top priority which means everything in such a stressful situation. James is extremely knowledgeable and I honestly don’t know how I could have gotten through without him handling my Arizona LLC law case. Having Smith and Green by my side has made me realize how lucky I am as not all attorneys have the level of integrity that these men do. I highly recommend them and can guarantee they have a client for life! ( sorry guys, you’re stuck with me.)

5 Leslie V via

This office is very professional and works hard to help you understand what is happening in my case. I’m happy I found Mr.Smith I will use this company again and again.

5 Jenny Scott via

They were tardy to my appointment, but I ended up meeting Mr. Green himself.  I like his approach and he gave a great consult.  If it comes down to it and I need a lawyer, I’ll be hiring Mr. Green.