At Smith & Green, we realize that many people are unaware of the legal rights and options available to them under Arizona law.

No matter what type of matter you are facing, we believe that navigating the judicial system is a challenge no one should have to face alone. Our attorneys created these educational videos to help you better understand your legal rights and options. Still have questions?  Contact us today to arrange a free confidential consultation with one of our dedicated Phoenix lawyers.

Employment Law Videos

Choosing An Employment Lawyer

Preparing For Your Consultation

Workplace Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Gender Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

Promotion Discrimination

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment by the Owner

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Retaliation

Americans with Disabilities Act

Reasonable Accommodation

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Filing EEOC Charges

EEOC Process

EEOC Conciliation

EEOC Delays

EEOC Mediation

Hostile Work Environment

Reporting Workplace Discrimination

Uneven Discipline

Constructive Discharge

Recommendation Letters

Employer Liability Limits

Employment Discrimination Damages

Deposition Videos

What to Avoid Saying During a Deposition

Definition of Deposition

Refusing Deposition

Unsure How to Answer a Question

Deposition Timeline

Types of Deposition Questions

Preparing for a Deposition

Civil Rights Videos

Affording a Civil Rights Claim

Retaliation From Suing an Officer

Suing the Police

Civil Rights Claim

Civil Rights Complaint Timeline

Filing a Civil Rights Complaint

Violation of Civil Rights

Negligent Security Videos

Choosing a Negligent Security Attorney

Negligent Security Claim Timeline

Negligent Security Case Value

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin a Negligent Security Claim

Motorcycle Accident Videos

Motorcycle Accident Claim Timeline

Motorcycle Accident Claim Value

Common Mistakes After a Motorcycle Accident

Talking to Insurance Companies

Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Bus Accident Videos

Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Accident Claim Timeline

Bus Accident Claim Value

Common Mistakes After a Bus Accident

Child Injured on a School Bus

Divorce & Family Law Videos

Choosing A Divorce Attorney

The Divorce Process

Uncontested Divorce

Cost of Divorce

Serving Divorce Papers

Children and Divorce

Calculating Child Support

Changing Your Last Name After Divorce

Contingency Divorce

Equitable Distribution

Spousal Maintenence

Going To Court For Divorce

Leaving The Marital Home

Premarital Assets

Violating A Court Order

DUI / DWI Videos

Pulled Over for DUI

Refusing Breathalyzer Tests

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Commercial Drivers License DUI (CDL DUI)

DUI Penalties

DUI Costs

Jail Time

License Suspension

Plea Bargaining

Criminal Defense Videos

Miranda Rights

Polygraph Test

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Warrant Out For Your Arrest

Bailing Someone Out of Jail

Prosecution Turning Over Evidence

Indicted by the Grand Jury

Criminal Preliminary Hearing

Criminal Arraignment

Prosecution Withholding Evidence

Get a Better Plea Deal or Lesser Sentence

Taking a Plea Deal

Public Defender or Private Attorney

Wrongful Death Videos

Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney in Phoenix

Wrongful Death Case Timeline

Wrongful Death Case Value

Mistakes to Avoid After a Wrongful Death

Medical Malpractice Videos

Choosing a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice Case Timeline

Mistakes to Avoid After a Medical Malpractice Case

Medical Malpractice Case Value

Cost of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Videos

Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle Accident Claim Timeline

Bicycle Accident Claim Value

Common Mistakes After a Bicycle Accident

Speaking to Insurance After a Bicycle Accident

General Videos

Stages of a Civil Case

Do I Have a Case?

Car Accident Videos

After a Car Accident

Contacting a Car Accident Attorney

Seeking Immediate Medical Care

Dealing with Insurance Companies

First Settlement Offers

Car Accident Claim Value

Personal Injury Medical Bills

Car Accident Involving DUI

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Claims

Injury Settlement Timeline

Personal Injury Videos 

Dog Bites / Animal Attacks

School Injury Liability

Steps to Filing a Lawsuit

Personal Injury Case Value

Giving a Recorded Statement

Paying Medical Bills

Pre-Existing Conditions

First Settlement Offer

Emotional Damages

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Case Timeline

Slip and Fall Videos

Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and Fall Claim Timeline

Slip and Fall Claim Value

Common Mistakes After a Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Claim

Choosing a Slip and Fall Attorney

Speaking to Insurance After a Slip and Fall Injury

Homicide Defense Videos

Convicted of Murder

Unable to Afford an Attorney

Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

Charged With Murder

Choosing a Homicide Defense Attorney

Truck Accident Videos

Truck Accident Claim Value

Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident

Common Mistakes After a Truck Accident

Talking to Insurance Companies

Truck Accident Claim Timeline

Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Videos

Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim Timeline

Pedestrian Accident Claim Value

Common Mistakes After a Pedestrian Accident

Speaking to Insurance Companies After a Pedestrian Accident