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Bicycle Accident Claim Value

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How do I determine the value of my bike accident claim?


Bicycle Accident Claim Value Here in Arizona, as with all personal injury cases and specifically bicycle cases, values always vary. Values vary based on the amount of injuries sustained, the type of injuries that have been sustained, and the rehabilitation and recovery period that will be necessary following the sustained injuries. If it goes into trial, and this person has done something that has clearly violative of the law that would cause them to have per se liability, then there should be punitive damages. There are a number of factors that could play into this. Emotional damages and loss of consortium and enjoyment of life are all factors that play into it, even loss of time away from work and family or you lost money from a vacation. All of these things are things that will be considered in valuing the case, so there will be a very open, fluid, candid conversation with one of our lawyers, addressing all of these things, and ensuring that we get the right value for the case. We pursue that either via demand letters with the insurance companies or in litigation, if the matter happens to be filed in court.

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