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Blood Alcohol Content

Dedicated Phoenix DUI lawyer explains what you need to know about blood alcohol content limits in Arizona.
Read Our FREE DUI Guide Arizona, the 48th state of the United States of America, is a very fast-growing state, particularly here in the Phoenix metro area. There’s a lot of immigration, if you will, internal immigration from other states here. People migrate to Arizona because of the cost of living, and they have various concepts as it relates to DUI and what the acceptable blood alcohol content limit is. What people find when they get here is that Arizona, in a lot of ways, is standard with the rest of the country.  The BAC level 0.08 is the standard when you’re starting to charge folks with DUI. It’s the same in California and a lot of our neighboring states. That 0.08 blood alcohol content is the legal limit once you start charging people with DUI under specific statutes. Here, the statute is 28-1381(A). I would caution everyone that some impairment is still impairment, and just because you don’t reach the 0.08 limit does not mean that you’re not impaired and that you can’t be charged with impaired driving. It may not be under 28-1381(A), but you can be charged with impaired driving, and so the rule of thumb is, don’t gamble. Don’t negotiate. If you’ve been drinking, don’t drive. Now, I like any other lawyer would love your business, but this is the kind of business that we don’t chomp at the bit for, because it puts the public in danger, and so if you think you’ve been drinking, if you’re starting to feel it, there are plenty of opportunities not to drive. There’s Uber, and Lyft, and so many other options. You can call a friend, or you can stay where you are until you know you’re not under the influence. The reason why I say that so strongly is, again, it may not make good business sense, but it makes public safety sense. Once you realize how expensive DUI charges are, not only do you have the court fines and the inconvenience of having your license suspended, time in jail, and an interlock device that could cost $1,200, then you have a huge lawyer bill. The minimum for a basic DUI is somewhere around 3,500. Should they go to trial, you’re talking $7,000- $10,000. Is it worth it to chance it? It’s absolutely not, and so if you think you’re anywhere near that 0.08, and again, it could be less than that, find some other means to get home for the interest of public safety and yourself. DUIs happen to be very expensive, and here in Arizona there are some mandatory penalties. The judges don’t even have discretion on some of these things, so you’re going to sit down and talk with a lawyer if you’re ever charged with DUI so they can seek out what little wiggle room there may be. Were you charged with DUI and have questions about the blood alcohol content limits in Arizona? Contact our dedicated Phoenix DUI lawyers to arrange a free confidential consultation. Out of Town Legal Resources Sometimes we get calls from people who are looking for DWI lawyers in other parts of the country. We are constantly looking for attorneys and online resources that can help people in other areas. We found a DWI lawyer in Buffalo, NY that provides great online DWI/DUI resources. If you are looking for a DWI lawyer in New York check out their online DWI resources.