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Bus Accident Claim Timeline

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How long is it going to take to resolve my bus accident injury claim?


Bus Accident Claim Timeline Bus accident cases can take a little different trajectory than a regular car accident case because of the number of potential parties that could be involved in the line of litigation. There could be municipalities involved or counties involved, states involved, school boards or counties involved in this. It could be private companies that own the bus that are involved. You could have a driver involved. There could be a third party that ran into the bus that caused the bus to run into you. There could be a string of parties that all need to be included in the lawsuit as it relates to your injury claim. How long is going to take for this bus claim to be resolved? The short answer is we really don’t know.

One thing that we make sure that we do is we walk along the pathway of the litigation and the pre-litigation negotiations with the insurance companies for the at fault parties to keep you abreast as to the timing and what can be reasonably expected. If we run out of pre-complaint or pre-lawsuit time and a statute of limitation is about to run, we may have to file the lawsuit and then continue negotiations while the lawsuit has been filed so that the statute of limitation doesn’t expire. If it’s against a municipality or a school board or some government entity, we have to file a notice of claim, we have a certain amount of time. There is no straight answer as to how long it’s going to take. We always use the mantra we will only take the time that is necessary to pursue your claim. We won’t take any time that is unnecessary but we won’t knee-jerk and do something that minimizes the amount that you cover. If you have some timing concerns that cause you to want things to move along a little faster or to be addressed faster, let your attorney know when you sit down and talk with them if you have some concerns or want to move it along. Some people just want to get back to their lives and get it over with. We get it. Most of this is traumatic to you. Let’s do the right thing for your claim. Discuss those things with your attorney and we are sure your attorney will be very skillful in addressing them.

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