Bus Accident Claim Value

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How do a I determine the value of my bus accident claim?


Bus Accident Claim Value Regarding the value of a bus accident injury claim, it’s a little more complex analysis than, again, a basic car accident because it depends on what your involvement is with the bus. Are you in another vehicle? Are you in a crosswalk? Are you riding in the bus? Are you driving the bus? Did the bus run into somebody that ran into you? Is it your child that was on a school bus? Was he on his way from school, to school, or to a sporting event on a Friday night varsity football game? Is it a private bus company? There are a number of factors that are involved in who should be sued, how long it’s going to take for things to be sued. You would want to visit all of these things with your attorney to go over what needs to happen, who needs to be sued, how much is the case worth, how long is it going to take. These are all things that need to be addressed with your attorney. Again, it depends on which party you are in the case or how you are involved in the suit. When your attorney sits with you and goes over the facts of your case, they’ll be able to give you some trajectory about what the value of your case could potentially be. It could be a number of factors. There could be a number of people that are pursued, what the policy limits are, how many of the policies can be pursued, what are the injuries that you have actually sustained, past treatment, present treatment, and future treatment of what you’re going to need. There are a number of things that have to be addressed. Again, as you go over the facts of your case and go through your treatment process, your attorney will be able to give you some sense of a guide as to what you can expect and not expect as it relates to your bus injury accident claim.

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