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Child Injured on a School Bus

Was your child injured on a school bus and you want to sue the school? Then, contact our Phoenix bus accident lawyer today.


If my child was injured on a school bus, can I sue the school?


Child Injured on a School Bus If your child is injured in a school bus accident, there are a number of people that can be responsible for this. It could be the driver if the driver was acting in a manner inconsistent with their duties as a school bus driver. Generally, if the school bus is functioned by and owned by a school district, generally, everybody on that district board is named in the lawsuit, including the superintendent and other responsible parties. There could be a number of folks that could be named. If a bus and company is functioning the school bus on behalf of the district, you might want to give some consideration to that because there could be a number of streams of liability for who’s responsible for the injury for your child. While your child is healing, while your child is getting healthy and convalescing at home, rehabilitating, give our law office a call. Let us know the facts of the case so that we can start looking into who’s responsible for make sure that your child is taken care of medically and that your child is compensated for the injuries that they have sustained as a result of this bus accident.

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