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Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney

Were you recently injured and have questions about choosing a bus accident attorney? Watch this video, then call Smith & Green today.


How do I select the best bus accident attorney?


Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney Bus accident cases differ from a regular car accident because most of the time, if you’re in a bus accident, chances are you weren’t driving. Depending on what kind of a bus it is, different types of liability can be imposed. Is this a city bus that’s owned by the government? Then you’re dealing with negligence claims and notice of claim things that have to be filed bus. Is this a bus that’s owned by a school district or is it your child that was in the bus and got injured when the bus driver was driving? Do we sue the bus driver or do we sue the school district? Do we sue the district or do we sue the school board? Were you driving in your personal car and got hit by the bus? Who gets sued? Who’s responsible? There are a number of factors that go into a bus incident because there are more people who are involved.

You want to call a reputable law firm like ours that’s used to dealing with these kinds of cases and that has gotten successful outcomes. We’ve had many cases like these— folks getting on city buses, handicap folks that have disabilities with wheelchairs and motorized scooters that gotten on and the bus turned a corner too fast and the scooter fell over because it wasn’t strapped in properly. There are so many variables that can happen in a bus and who owns it and who’s responsible plays a role. You want to call our office, go over the facts of the case, give it to one of the intake personnel or one of the lawyers to find out what’s going on so that all of your claims can be represented. A regular person or injury lawyer is one thing, but it takes folks that have some experience in the area of dealing with buses to address that because there could be a string of folks who are responsible for your injuries and for your damages. Give us a call here at the office. We’d be more than happy to talk with you about your bus incident and the injury that has resulted from it.

Were you or a loved one badly injured in a crash with or on public transportation and have questions about choosing a bus accident attorney? Contact experienced Phoenix Bus Accident Attorneys at Smith & Green today for a legal consultation. Like Us on Facebook Out of Town Resources These Fort Myers Bus Accident Attorneys have done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with a bus accident claim in Fort Myers, we recommend you take a look at their website.