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Civil Rights Claim

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Do I have a civil rights claim?


Civil Rights Claim One of the first questions we get after sitting and talking with the dozens and dozens of people that call our law office regarding civil rights issues is always, “Do I have a case?” There is no one answer for that. There is no single solitary answer to determine if someone has a case or not. Every case will turn on the facts, turn on the evidence, and turn on the prevailing law. If you want to know if you have a case or whatnot, it’s important that you sit down and talk to a competent lawyer that will address the facts of your case with you. For example, here at our office, we offer, in some instances, free consultations. Sometimes we’ll sit you with an intake person and let them get all the information, see where it is the case will go. Oftentimes, we’ll let you talk directly with a lawyer to go over the facts of your case and see what actually is there. We have a very robust process here in our office to deal with the high number of civil rights potential clients that we have to determine. We have that candid conversation with you about what our thoughts are about the case. Again, sometimes those consultations are free, depending on what it is, but in no case would we charge you a million dollars to sit and talk with somebody about the facts of your case. Do you have a case? We don’t know. It depends on the facts of your case. There’s a whole lot of civil rights laws out there that have to be looked at. Again, your case is going to be determined by the facts and the evidence that you have to support it and the law that controls that area. Call our office, talk to one of our lawyers, one of our staff persons. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you about the facts of your case.

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