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Commercial Drivers License DUI

Experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer discusses commercial drivers license DUI and the potential consequences you may face if convicted of driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle. 

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Recently, I had a client with a commercial driver’s license who was convicted of DUI, and their concern was, how is this going to affect my commercial driver’s license? I had a very serious, fact-based conversation with them regarding this, because a DUI doesn’t only affect those with commercial driver’s license. Most people with commercial driver’s license use that driver’s license for employment purposes, and the impact of DUI is widespread, because it does bleed over into employment, not only for those that have commercial driver’s license, because in Arizona, the threshold for commercial driver’s license is lower than the 0.08.

It affects different areas of your life. If you drive for a living, it’s certainly going to affect that. On employment applications that involve driving or usage of company vehicles, you have to disclose that. If it involves taking kids to school, and you have a custody matter before the court that’s going to require you to drive the kids back and forth to school, all of these things count.

I often tell clients stay away from DUI, because while we’ve been able in some cases to work miracles for clients that have been charged with DUI, it does have substantial effect outside of just the legal ramifications for being charged with DUI. Being charged with DUI will have an effect on your commercial license. Some of the same mandatory guidelines are imposed on the commercial driver’s license as they are with regular driver’s licenses, so if you have a commercial driver’s license, and you’ve been charged with DUI, please let your attorney know immediately. There are remedies and safeguards that can be put in place to preserve the license if possible so that you can continue to work, because that is what your livelihood is attached to.

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