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DUI License Suspension

Dedicated Phoenix DUI lawyer discusses DUI license suspension and whether you will be able to keep driving after a DUI conviction in Arizona. 
Read Our FREE DUI Guide Driving is one of our key assets of life. We’re not on buggies and horses anymore. You have to drive  getting to and from work. When you’ve been charged with DUI, it can often make things quite difficult, because under the Arizona DUI law, there is a mandatory 90-day DUI license suspension. If it is a super extreme DUI, or if it’s a second offense, it could go up to an entire year of your license being revoked. That is a separate process that is implemented under the statute. It is a part of the sentence, but it’s functioned by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and there are some stringent requirements. An attorney would walk you both of those processes, not only the court proceedings but also the administrative proceedings as it relates to the DUI license suspension. Sometimes we’re able to get the 60-day to-and-from work permit so that they can still get to work, because the purpose of the statute is not to restrict your livelihood. It’s to restrict your ability to drive a vehicle until the state can reasonably ascertain that you’re not driving under the influence and putting other peoples’ lives in jeopardy. Another thing in Arizona that’s often done even for basic DUI is the interlock device where you have to blow into the device to make sure that you are not intoxicated, or the vehicle won’t start. With the basic DUI, that’s at least 12 months with the interlock device. For super extreme DUI, if it’s your second offense, it could go as far as 24 months, and again, this is after being incarcerated and the other fines and things that are associated with that. You will lose your license 99.9 percent of the time, because these are mandatory sentencing guidelines in the state of Arizona. How long you lose your license depends on which DUI statute you are charged with and the facts surrounding that. There are some exceptions where administrative hearings can be requested with the DMV, and sometimes some of those things can be waived if certain requirements are met, but you would want to sit down and talk with your lawyer and express those concerns to them. They’ll be able to sit down and go through those facts with you and determine if there’s some type of loophole or opportunity to where the DUI license suspension either can be mitigated or if it can be shortened or if you can get a day-to-day work pass to drive back and forth to work so that your livelihood is not hindered. Were you pulled over for DUI in Arizona and have questions about DUI license suspension and whether you will be able to retain your driving privileges? Contact our skilled Phoenix DUI lawyers for a free confidential consultation. Let us fight for you. Out of Town Resources This Cheektowaga DWI Attorney has done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with a DWI claim in Cheektowaga, we recommend you take a look at their website.