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Emotional Damages

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Can I recover for emotional damages?


Emotional Damages As it relates to a personal injury matter, one of the things that must be proven outside of the elements of the personal injury claim is damages. What were the damages? Sometimes there are actual damages, actual losses that have been incurred: expenses for medical bills, loss of pay, loss of front pay and back pay, things that have suffered for you. Then there’s also this thing out there about emotional damages and loss of consortium, how you were impacted and affected with your family members and friends. These are all calculations and considerations that are discussed between you and one of the lawyers to determine what the value of your case is. Can you recover for emotional distress and damages as it relates to your personal injury claim? Absolutely. Will we pursue those things? Absolutely. Are they a part of the demand and during trial that we request or a demand in a demand letter to an insurance company? Absolutely, those are all considerations that are made. If you feel like you’ve had some type of emotional damage as it relates to your personal injury matter, you certainly want to give our office a call. We make a substantial consideration for those things when issuing a demand to an insurance company and or filing a lawsuit in court should it become necessary. Make sure you discuss that with one of our attorneys when you call in and talk to us regarding your personal injury claim.

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