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Preparing For An Employment Law Consultation

Are you considering meeting with an employment attorney and have questions about what to do to prepare for an employment law consultation? Watch this video by experienced Phoenix employment lawyer Quacy Smith to learn more.

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Investigation is the initial process of any legal case. We have to open up an investigation with employment law like we would with any other case. A client should bring their attorney all of the information and evidence that they have gathered and facts related to their case. You’d be surprised how many things clients leave at home that are related to what happened but they don’t think is significant. A trained eye of a skilled lawyer will be able to look at something that you may think is insignificant, but because they know the elements and the factors of the law and the case law associated with certain things, what you may consider to be insignificant could be very significant.

I would urge anyone to seeking help from an employment lawyer, which you should do before going to the EEOC or any other government agency, and you shouldn’t waste a lot of time doing it because the clock is ticking. I would urge you to bring everything that you think might be considered evidence. Let your lawyer work through the information with you; the items, the videos, the recordings, the documents, the write-ups, the doctor’s notes. Your attorney can help you determine what serves as evidence for your case.

Remember, after the EEOC process, there’s always a great possibility that the matter will be filled in court and you will need all of the evidence you collected. You’ll also need information, names, addresses for your potential witnesses; your dates of employment; paycheck stubs if it involves some depreciation in pay or exclusion of pay. If it was an ADA issue that involves some type of medical issue, you’ll need medical records,  doctor’s notes, and contact information. Anything that’s related to your claim, you should bring. Your attorney will be able to guide you up the road and tell you more of what to bring. After that initial employment law consultation and meeting with that lawyer, there will also be other things I’m sure that they will instruct you to bring. That’s to make sure that your claim is pursued holistically and you have all of the information you need to make your claim successful with the EEOC and subsequently with the court should that become necessary.

Do you have questions about what to bring to your employment law consultation? Contact our dedicated Phoenix employment lawyers today and let our experience work for you.

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