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Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident

Were you recently hurt and have questions about being injured in a commercial truck accident? Watch this video, then call Smith & Green today.


What should I do if I was injured in a commercial truck accident?


Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident There have been a number of accidents where folks have been critically injured. There’s even been cases where folks have lost their lives in truck accidents. If you’re one of the ones that have been fortunate or blessed enough to have survived but you are critically injured, the first thing we would say to you is our wishful thoughts and prayers are with you and wishing you a speedy recovery. We know your life has been impacted in more ways that can be imagined. We’re wishing you a speedy recovery. To that end, our first objective with you is to get you well and get you back to your family. Whatever it takes for us to do that, that’s what we’re willing to do to make sure that you are well, whatever surgeries are necessary, to get you back close to whole that possibly can.

Part of our doing that is taking on the representation and fending off all of the insurance inquiries and putting you in a place where you don’t have to worry about the litigation matters. We will keep your case moving forward in the speed that is necessary while you heal and while you convalesce and get back up on your feet. In that time, we’re still collecting all of your bills, all of your medical data, because it’ll be an ongoing process. There’ll be subsequent surgeries and physical therapy and we walk this path with you. We’re making sure that no statute of limitations expire so that your case is filed in a timely manner and is still being pursued in the courts or through whatever early dispositions that are possible. Your number one priority is get well. Let us handle the insurance company. Let us walk along the road with you. As you get well, we’ll deal with the bad driver. We’ll deal with the insurance company and make sure that you get everything that you deserve to get as a party who is not at fault in this trucking accident. Call our office. Talk to one of our lawyers. We’ve got you. Take care of you.

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