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Medical Malpractice Case Value

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How do I determine the value of my medical malpractice case?


Medical Malpractice Case Value In valuing a medical malpractice case, most of the time our clients come in and they say, “There’s this doctor who I know has a lot of money and he has a lot of insurance, and I’m shooting for the stars!” We get it. In some cases, we agree with that you do deserve the sun, the moon, and the stars and sometimes even more than that, but the fact of the matter is that there is a framework in determining the value of your medical malpractice case here in the state of Arizona. There are several factors that we look at. What actually happened? What was the deviation of the standard of care? Has this doctor done this before? Is there a merit to pursue punitive damages as it relates to this? What corrective treatments did you have to undergo to fix what the doctor did wrong? Is it going to require future treatment? Did you miss time from work, loss of consortium? Can the error be fixed? How much emotional trauma did you experience as a result of this deviation from the standard of care? You’ll have this candid open dialogue with your lawyer when you sit and talk with them. We’ll discuss all of these issues. The value may change, if you’re still being treated, and as time goes along. We’ll discover all of these facts with you, put them in a pot, and you’ll work collectively with your attorney to determine the value of the case, the amount that we’re going to pursue that’s representative of the injuries that you have sustained and the deviation from the standard of care. Be prepared to have that candid conversation about your medical malpractice case.

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