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Motorcycle Accident Claim Timeline

Do you have questions about your motorcycle accident claim timeline? Watch this video, then call our Phoenix injury lawyers at Smith & Green.


How long is it going to take to resolve my motorcycle accident injury claim?


Motorcycle Accident Claim Timeline As with most personal injury cases, particularly auto accidents, motorcycle accidents are amongst those. Regarding the amount of time that it takes to resolve them, it could vary from case to case. One of the most important things that’s going to play a role in the time that it takes to resolve your case is the amount of injuries. How much treatment is needed? How long is it going to take for you, the injured party, to convalesce and to rehabilitate, to get you back up to full strength, and then to look and see what the claims are, the involved parties are, if it’s able to be settled before filing the lawsuit in court or if it has to go all the way to trial.

There is a spectrum of things that will need to happen, and that lends a spectrum of time in which these things need to be resolved. No attorney should be dragging their feet on your case, and we won’t either. No attorney should be knee-jerking and resolving your case before you get the maximum value of your case, on the other hand. When you call our office to talk with one of our attorneys, we’ll discuss all of the facts of your case, the evidence of your case, and make sure that we give you some kind of timeline that we think it will take to resolve this, and we’ll adjust that timeline as more investigation happens and as more discovery and other things related to the litigation process happen. Make sure you discuss all of the facts with the attorney you speak with, get all the evidence out there. We’ll walk you along the way. If things change along the way, we’ll keep you apprised as to how long it will take to resolve your motorcycle claim.

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