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Motorcycle Accident Claim Value

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How do I determine the value of my motorcycle accident claim?


Motorcycle Accident Claim Value Valuing a motorcycle claim is similar to a car accident or a bus accident. You have to look at the injuries – past injuries, present injuries, and medical expenses that will be reasonably anticipated in the future. You put all of that together to determine what the value of the case is – how much pain and suffering, how much impact this has had as far as missing work is concerned, insurance bills, loss of consortium at home and enjoyment of life, etc.

You’ll sit with an experienced attorney who will go over all of these factors with you and come up with a holistic value of your case that we feel is reasonable to represent your injuries. That would then be the amount that we would pursue. These values vary from case to case, depending on the amount of injuries. Some motorcycle injuries are lesser, soft tissue injuries, but there are others that are life-threatening. Depending on the type of accident that you had, the level of injury will determine the amount of value that is associated with your case. These are all facts that you’ll go over with your attorney in determining the value of your case.

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