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Negligent Security Case Value

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How can I determine the value of my negligent security case?


Negligent Security Case Value As with any personal injury claim, the value of a negligent security claim depends on the damages. What are the damages? What are the injuries? What were the losses: the actual losses, the pecuniary losses, the special losses, or the compensatory ones? We put all of those things in a pot. Did you miss work? Was there some loss of consortium of life? Was there a physical injury that you incurred as a result of this negligent security? We put all those things in a big pot and we determine what the value of your case is.

This is not something that the lawyer does on his own. You’re very involved in the process of determining what the value of this case should be. When you meet with one of our lawyers and you sit down and you talk with us, we’ll talk with you about what the Arizona law says about your claim. We’ll go over the facts of the case with you and we’ll assign a value to the case that we will request of the bad party, either in prelitigation or in litigation, should it become necessary.

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