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Personal Injury Case Timeline

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How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?


Personal Injury Case Timeline When we meet with our clients early on in beginning representation, we’re often asked how long it is going to take for this case to be resolved. It’s a very difficult question because there is no straight answer to it. There are a lot of variables that can happen. Some cases resolve early. Some cases take years to resolve. There’s an old statement out there that says the wheels of justice turn very slow. It could be years before you get to a trial and there are factors that are outside of our control that will be outside of your control. There are some things that are controlled by the court, some other cases take precedent. In the middle of pandemics, like we’ve been in, criminal cases are going to take longer. They’re going to take precedent over civil cases. There are a number of factors.

One of the big factors that weigh into it also is the insurance company. We have to make sure the personal injury matter that we get all of the information regarding your injuries, your past treatment, your current treatment, and what you’re going to need in the future. Sometimes that takes time with your personal doctors. We may need independent medical examinations pursuing to the rules of procedure that we have to get to so we can determine what the true value of your case is. You don’t want to rush your case through and get less. You want to take your time and get all the evidence that is necessary so you can get the most value out of your case and sometimes that takes time.

We get these letters. We submit them to the insurance companies. These insurance companies are not your friends. They want all your money but they’re very reluctant to give you any. Sometimes, if they’re playing hard ball and they’re not being very reasonable, this thing could drag on for some time. Other times, you get insurance adjustors that are more honest and reasonable and they understand that they’re at fault and they’re willing to give you the right value for your case. One thing that we’re not going to do is allow any insurance company that you have paid to low ball you regarding your case, the value of your case.

It’s very hard to determine how long a case could take. One thing that we are specific in doing is keeping you abreast along the way as to what the potential exits are to resolve the case and if we feel like the case should carry on. A good competent lawyer will walk you through the process and let you know and won’t drag the case on any longer than necessary but want to get you the most for the injuries that you have sustained.

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