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Personal Injury Case Value

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What’s the value of a personal injury case?


Personal Injury Case Value When it comes down to valuing a personal injury claim here in Arizona, there are a number of factors that play into that. What are the actual damages? Are there any possibilities of pecuniary damages? Those are damages that a court in a lawsuit fashion can mandate on a person to really discipline them because of their activity. Emotional damages and whatnot, there it a myriad of damages that can be and bills and whatnot. There is a whole analysis that we’ll go through with you. One of our attorneys will sit down with you and go over what the actual value of your case is. We’ll offset that with bills that have to be paid and how much what you will end up getting as a result of your personal injury case.

You want to be very upfront with your lawyer. Give all of the bills, all of the medical records that are necessary. Discuss honestly with them treatment that you’ve had and treatment that you think you’re going to need in the future and how has this impacted your home, any loss of pay, loss of income, that the property damage related to the loss of a vehicle if it’s a car accident. There’s a number of things when you sit down with a lawyer, come up with a number that we feel that is reflective and that is a fair amount for the injuries that you have sustained and then we pursue that number either through a pretrial demand offers or through litigation and trying the case in court. There’s a process that one of our lawyers will go with you after you call down and talk to one of our attorneys. It’s a process that we’ll walk you through.

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