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Preparing for a Deposition

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How do I prepare for a deposition


Preparing for a Deposition Preparing for a deposition is critical to a deposition. Your attorney will get with you a few days or weeks before the deposition goes and they’ll go over the facts of the case with you, including essential case documents, i.e. if there have been other discovery documents that have been submitted in a rogatory or requests for admissions, medical records, police reports. Anything that’s relevant to your testimony, the deposition, your attorney will go over that with you to make sure that you understand what the questions could potentially be about this. Sometimes that can take a good deal of time, so they’ll go over that with you. They’ll go over the do’s and don’ts of depositions, give you a little packet of information to help prepare you for the deposition, so that’s it not a scary thing for you. They do what’s necessary to calm you. This happens days before, in some instances weeks before, the deposition itself comes. On the morning of the deposition, you’ll get there early – at least, with our office you’ll get here early. We’ll go over that stuff with you again, make sure that you’re situated, and make sure that you’re prepared to be deposed. Deposition prep is critical to a successful deposition that will elicit facts that are helpful to your case and helpful to get a positive outcome for you.

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