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Retaliation From Suing an Officer

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If I sue a police officer, will other police officers retaliate against me?


Retaliation From Suing an Officer Oftentimes, citizens are afraid to confront police officers in the sense of suing them or the police department because they are afraid that other officers will retaliate against them. Retaliation can come in many forms. You could call the police and need somebody to respond to your house for somebody breaking in, and the police are slow to respond or neglectful in their response because they know you sued one of their buddies or you sued their department. Can they retaliate against me? Well, sure. Is it lawful for them to retaliate against you? No. If we’re representing you, they hope they don’t retaliate against you because they’re going to be facing a lawsuit just like their buddies are. It is against the law. You have a right to litigate these matters in court, and you should be able to do so without the interference of other police officers. Can they? Sure, if they want to. Is it a good idea that they do? No, especially not if we happen to be representing you – and not just us, any competent attorney. They won’t allow that at all. If you feel like that is happening to you or that it’s going to happen to you, and you have concerns with that – especially folks that live in small towns – have a conversation with your lawyer and discuss that with them so they can keep an eye out for that, to make sure that while you are pursuing your civil rights, you are protected and that you are not being harassed or retaliated against by fellow police officers.

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