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Slip and Fall Claim Value

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How do a I determine the value of my slip and fall claim?


Slip and Fall Claim Value As with any personal injury case, the injuries, damages, and costs that have been sustained— the loss of consortium, loss of limb or whatever extent the injuries are— are going to be critical. A slip and fall case here in Arizona is no different. The medical bills, the records, all of those things – what’s happened at home, the impact that it has had on your employment – are all things that we look at when coming up with a value for your slip and fall case.

When you meet with one of our attorneys, you’ll need to gather all of that information together. We know some of it will be ongoing, especially if you’re still treating and still incurring costs as relates to medical bills or still suffering from the emotional impact and trauma of a slip and fall case. It’s important that you continue to give your lawyer the information so that we can adequately value your case; that value of the case may change from time to time as the injury goes on and as your treatment goes on. Have a very candid talk with your lawyer. Keep your lawyer abreast of changes. They’ll ask you for things but, ultimately, it’s going to be the injury and the damages that are the driving force of valuing your slip and fall claim.

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