Speaking to Insurance After a Bicycle Accident

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After a bicycle crash, is it a good idea to talk to insurance companies?


Speaking to Insurance After a Bicycle AccidentYou never would imagine after all of the money you pay for insurance in life that the insurance company would be so resistant to just being forthright and taking care of the injuries that you have sustained, but unfortunately that’s true. Sometimes they’re not as candid and forthright as they should be. One of the ways that they do this is by forcing recorded statements. You’re still under the pressure and the strain of having been in an accident, and they approach you for a statement. Sometimes, you haven’t even gathered your faculties and recalled the accident fully.

Is it a good idea to give a recorded statement to an insurance company? Our answer is and will always eternally be no, absolutely not, it’s never a good idea, especially before you talk to your lawyer and get things together, get things straight so that you make sure you’re not saying anything that will hinder your case and cause the value of your case to be decreased. Talk to your attorney before giving a recorded statement. You get well— let us deal with the insurance company.

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