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Suing the Police

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Can I sue the police?


Suing the Police When discussing the facts of their case with clients to determine whether or not they can sue the police department in the city that they lived in, clients often get nervous. You get that question, “Can I sue the police department?” The answer, unequivocally, is yes. You can sue the police department, yes. You can sue the individual officer, yes. You can sue the folks that trained or failed to train these folks, yes. You can sue folks that have upheld and instituted policies for government entities that have violated your civil rights. There are a number of people that can fall in the chain of folks that are being sued that could be potential defendants in a lawsuit. Again, this is something that you’re going to want to sit and talk with your attorney about because they will determine with you who to sue, who needs to be added into this complaint and for what reasons. Yes, you can sue a police department. Yes, you can sue the sheriff’s department. Yes, you can sue the governor. Yes, you can sue the mayor. It depends on the facts of your case, so you’re going to need to talk with an attorney because there are a number of remedies in their official capacity and sometimes in their individual capacity. Call the office. We’ll talk with you about it, see what and who needs to be sued – or some competent attorney that will go over the facts of your case with you. Again, it will be determined by the facts of your case and the controlling law related to that area of civil rights.

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