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Truck Accident Claim Value

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How do I determine the value of my truck accident claim?


Truck Accident Claim Value When addressing truck injury cases here in Arizona, the value of the case is really nestled in the injury that you have received. What are the damages, the injuries that have impacted you… what is the past, present, and future treatment that is going to be necessary to get you back as close to baseline? As it relates to valuing a case and to determining how much the case is worth, we look at a number of factors. It’s generally based on what has happened to you, what are the injuries that have been sustained and the emotional damage and trauma that’s involved. We look at that and then we determine who is liable for this. Are there some third-party folks that are liable so that there’s some comparative fault? Who should be responsible for the damages that have been inflected in you?

Once we get that number, we pursue that from all possible responsible parties, even sometimes from your underinsured motorist coverage. Make sure you talk honestly and openly with your lawyer about the damages, past, present, and future treatment related to this accident, if there was any preexisting conditions that have been aggravated, if you’ve lost any income, lost any vacation money, or whatever it is that you’ve lost. We put all of those things in a spreadsheet and an analysis and then we come out with this number that’s agreeable to the number that we will be pursuing in the case. You want to talk to all of those factors with your attorney when you contact our office.

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