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Wrongful Death Case Timeline

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How long does a wrongful death case last?


Wrongful Death Case Timeline Here in Arizona, the amount of time that it takes to resolve a wrongful death claim or to litigate a wrongful death case can vary based on a number of factors. What are the underlying factors related to the wrongful death claim? Was it the result of some type of medical procedure? Was it a result of an incident or an accident? These factors can vary greatly, so there is no specific or set time frame in which the matter will be resolved. Sometimes, we try to resolve these cases in prelitigation efforts, if those are available; other times, there are no prelitigation efforts available to resolve the case and it has to be filed in court. Of course, the courts have a lot to do with the amount of time, according to the discovery rules here in Arizona or in the federal courts here in the state of Arizona. The discovery rules will play a significant role in the amount of time that the court allows to litigate this case on the merits.

We know you may be experiencing a lot of anxiety. You’re here trying to represent the interest of your loved one who has lost their life. Of course, we are sympathetic and empathetic to those positions and to you processing the emotions behind losing a loved one, but we also make sure that we are candid and have that conversation with you so that we are not rushing to get the case resolved, but are also not kicking the can down the road and keeping it going longer than necessary. The amount of time that it will take is only the amount of time that is necessary to pursue all of the claims and get you the amount that we feel and that you feel is the proper value for your wrongful death claim.

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