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Wrongful Death Case Value

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How do I determine the value of a wrongful death case?


Wrongful Death Case Value Here in the state of Arizona, when we value wrongful death claims, we look at a number of things. How did this wrongful death happen? Are there underlying things that led up to this cause of death? Was it just an accident, or was it a result of some type of medical procedure or negligence by a police officer? There could be a number of things that are calculated when determining the value of a wrongful death case. Who was the person? Were they married? Did they have children? What was their profession? Were they a doctor, or were they a lawyer that passed away? Were they a clerk at the local grocery store? There are a number of things that factor in. How old were they? How long were they expected to live? Were they generally in good health and expected to live the average number of years as the average adult in the country? We also consider damages. Should there be punitive damages? Is this strict neglect, per se neglect? We put all of those things together after we look at the facts of the case and determine what we think the value of the case is. You’re involved in that process. A lot of the information that we need concerning your loved one will come from you, and you’re involved in that process if you’re the person or representative for the estate. We have that conversation with you to determine what the value of the case is. That’s how we pursue the claims. That will be the number that we’ll go after, either in prelitigation or in litigation.

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