3 Pedestrian Accident Tips

Were you severely injured after being hit by a vehicle and have questions? Check out these 3 pedestrian accident tips, then call our lawyers.

1) Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

3 Pedestrian Accident TipsPedestrian accidents are a specific set of injury claims within the framework of all personal injury claims. The best attorney in these pedestrian-related cases here in the state of Arizona is someone that obviously has experience with pedestrian cases. These cases are distinctly different from two vehicles colliding. Pedestrians bring in another set of laws and duties of care and caution and things that have to be looked at so that all of the claims, responsible parties, and potential damages are addressed. You want someone with experience in dealing with pedestrian accidents.

The second thing that you certainly want in dealing with pedestrian accident cases is somebody that has had success in pursuing these kinds of claims. It doesn’t make good sense to have someone that has experience but does not have success because obviously you want to be successful in pursuing your pedestrian accident claims. More importantly, you need someone that is a litigator— not just a transactional lawyer but a litigator that will drive the case all the way through trial and appeal, if necessary.

We urge you to call our office. Talk with one of our lawyers that are experienced in this area. We’ll be able to walk you through this process. We know this is a difficult time for you or your family member who has been struck by a vehicle, but we are confident that we can help you clear things up so that you can focus on healing and getting well. We’ll focus on pursuing the claim with the insurance company and against the bad driver.

2) Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim Timeline

Here in Phoenix, as it relates to resolving personal injury claims, there’s always a great degree of anxiety. Outside of those few months where it’s scorching heat here, the rest of the year is beautiful weather. It’s an outdoors state. People like to get outside and do things, so they want to get back into the normal flow of life— get back to school, back to work, and back to our outdoor activities. In the midst of that, if you’ve been an injured party of a pedestrian accident, you have to be careful and make sure that you take the time that is necessary. You may get anxious and want to know how long it’s going to take to resolve this, and the answer is always, “We don’t know.” It’s going to be dependent upon how long it takes for you to heal and get back up on your feet, and there a number of variables that could be involved in that.

It also depends on if this case is going to be settled prior to filing a case in the courts or if it’s going to happen after a lawsuit. Is it going to be settled after the suit is filed, or is this going to have to go all the way to trial? One of the things that we try to make sure we do here at Smith and Green is walk you through the process, giving you guide points and markers along the way to let you know how the case is progressing, so that there is not some imaginary date out there that keeps moving forward on you. We walk you through that process.

If there are timing concerns, always discuss those with your lawyer so that you can resolve some of the anxiety because it could settle fast or it could take a large amount of time to get it settled. You want to talk with your attorney about all of the time concerns that you have as it relates to your pedestrian incident.

3) Pedestrian Accident Claim Value

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you or one of your loved ones have been injured in a pedestrian accident. Of course, our primary concern is that you are faring well and that you are recovering well and getting back up to your full strength. There are a lot of questions that come to your mind while you are healing, including questions related to the value of your case.

There are a few things that we always consider here at Smith and Green when valuing a pedestrian-related case. One is the injuries. The injuries are always the driving force. Is this a soft tissue injury? Is this a scratch, a cut, or is this a loss of limb? Unfortunately, in some cases, there’s loss of life and we’re pursuing claims on behalf of a decedent’s estate.

We look at the treatment that has been received as a result of those injuries and the treatment that could be needed in the future as it relates to those injuries. Loss of time away from work, from family members, special and significant events that you were supposed to attend, loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life – we put all of these things in a big pot to try to determine what the value of your case will be. You’ll have a candid, fluid talk with your assigned attorney regarding all of these issues, and then work collaboratively with your attorney to come up with a value of the case that will be pursued early on via demand letters with the insurance company. If that’s unsuccessful, then that amount would be placed into a lawsuit and would be pursued in court of competent jurisdiction, particularly here in the state of Arizona

Were you or a loved one severely injured after being hit by a vehicle in Arizona and have questions about our 3 pedestrian accident tips?

Contact experienced Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Smith & Green today for a legal consultation.

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