Common Bus Accident Complications

Common Bus Accident Complications

Common Bus Accident ComplicationsIf you are seeking compensation for injuries sustained from a bus accident in Phoenix, you may run into these common bus accident complications. Depending on the type of bus and what led up to the accident, these cases can quickly become complex. A Phoenix bus accident lawyer can help ensure that the right defendants are held accountable for injuries and property damage.

Common Bus Accident Complications | Determining Liability

With public buses, potential defendants include the city of Phoenix, the company that runs or owns the bus on behalf of the city, and the driver of the bus (depending on the cause of the accident).

Private and charter buses are not intended for public use. Sometimes, the bus company may require you to sign a liability waiver before you can use their service. However, that doesn’t always absolve the company from liability if the bus is involved in a wreck. Possible defendants usually include the private company that owns the bus and the driver.

Common Bus Accident Complications | Different Types of Buses

A tour bus operates in a similar manner to a private or charter bus. They are hired for a private excursion. Naming the right defendant can be quite difficult in these cases. A lot of the time, it depends on how the tour bus was booked. If your group directly booked the tour bus, the company and the driver may be the proper defendants. However, if a travel agent or other person booked the bus on behalf of your group, that person may also be named as a defendant.

School bus accidents can be devastating. Sometimes, the school district or school board is the proper depend. However, if the district outsourced transportation to a private company, that company may also be named as a defendant.

Large vans that seat 15 passengers are an option that many people use instead of scheduling a private bus. They are often rented from a rental or leasing company. It may or may not include a private driver. Because these vans are so large, they’re often treated like a bus accident. Depending on the facts surrounding the accident, the rental or lease company as well as the driver may be the proper defendants.

Common Bus Accident Complications | Hire an Attorney

A Phoenix bus accident lawyer can help victims sort through the confusion and determine the proper parties that should be included in settling or litigating the claim. Suing the city of Phoenix or a private company on your own is almost always a guaranteed failure. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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