Defining Negligent Security

We are here to help you with your case when you are injured because of someone’s negligence. When defining negligent security, we look to see why you have been harmed. Read this and then call to set up a free consultation.

Defining Negligent SecurityThe term negligent security can apply to a variety of cases. For you to understand if you have a case or not, here are some examples of incidents that involve negligent security:

A young woman was walking to her car after shopping at a mall and the parking lot was dimly lit. On her walk back to her car she was mugged at gunpoint and beaten pretty badly. Her purse was stolen, her car was stolen, and she had a cracked skull. She was badly injured and needed emergency medical care. Had the parking lot been better lit and perhaps had a patrol been present, she would’ve been spared this harm.

Two women who lived in an apartment complex together had a stranger break into their apartment and sexually assault each of them. They were fortunate to survive the altercation but they suffered serious psychological trauma. They had hard times building relationships after this and needed to break their lease to move to somewhere else that they really couldn’t afford but that was a more secure spot for them to live. If the property manager had made the effort to put security measures in place to prevent incidents like this from happening, these women would be much better off.

At a bed-and-breakfast, there was construction on the building going on. There weren’t gates surrounding the construction site and guests unknowingly walked too close to the construction. One man was hit by falling debris after a demolition of a structure which left him with permanent brain damage. The property managers knew that they were leaving a lot of space for their guests to get injured because they hadn’t set up any safety precautions to keep guests away from the construction zone. They would be liable for this man’s injuries.

If you’ve gone through something similar and you have suffered serious injuries after being involved in an incident like this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Phoenix negligent security lawyers as soon as you possibly can. We want to set you up for success to get you the justice that you truly deserve.

If you ever experienced the following incidents on someone else’s property and believe that it was a matter of negligent security, please get in touch with us to set up a consultation:

  • Sexual assault
  • Battery or assault
  • Mugging
  • Robbery
  • Shooting

If you need further help understanding and defining negligent security, please call us right away and set up your first free consultation.

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