Dog Bite Liability

Dog Bite Liability

Dog Bite LiabilityIf you have been injured by a dog in Phoenix, you may be wondering if you are eligible for compensation. But you may not know where to start. Who is the responsible party? Here is some important information on dog bite liability.

Dog Bite Liability | Strict Liability in Arizona

Arizona has several laws on the books that cover dog bites. They cover liability and whether the dog was provoked. Arizona is known as a strict liability state for dog bites. Therefore, if a dog attacks somebody, the owner of that dog has liability for the injuries and damages, even if the owner wasn’t negligent or had knowledge of whether the dog is vicious. If the dog’s owner isn’t around, but there is a caretaker for the dog present (such as a dog walker), the caretaker and the owner may be held jointly liable for the bite.

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Dog Bite Liability | Dog Owner Liability

A dog biting someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the owner was negligent or that the owner knew the dog was vicious. The owner may still be liable if their dog bites someone. It doesn’t matter if the dog bite happens on public or private property, either.

No, a dog owner isn’t always liable if their dog bites someone despite Arizona being a strict liability state. In Arizona, there are laws that protect the owner from liability if the victim provoked the dog. Provocation is defined as “circumstances [that] would be likely to provoke a dog.”

Additionally, the dog owner may not be liable if their dog attacks someone who enters private property in an unlawful manner if there are signs posted that indicate that the dog is vicious. If the dog bites someone who was invited onto the property, the owner would likely be liable for the injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured from a dog bite attack, please contact our experienced Phoenix dog bite lawyers today to determine dog bite liability and get you the compensation you deserve. We also offer a free initial consultation.

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