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First Settlement Offer

If your injured in an accident, watch this video to find out why you should speak with a Phoenix injury attorney before accepting the first settlement offer.
Read Our FREE Personal Injury Guide Many of our clients have received offers from insurance companies that are far below what the value of their case is. With any kind of a negotiation to resolve a case, there’s going to be some back and forth. Usually, the first offer is not something that a client should ever consider taking. There may be that rare instance where somebody received a fair offer the first go around, but that’s not usually the case. I would not recommend taking an offer from an insurance company right away. I would recommend consulting with an experienced attorney and determining whether or not that’s the proper value of that case and whether or not you should consider accepting that offer. Are you being offered a low ball first settlement offer by the insurance company?  Don’t let them offer you fractions of what your case is worth, call our dedicated Phoenix car accident attorneys for a free confidential consultation. Let us fight to ensure your rights are protected. Review Attorney James Green on Avvo Out of Town Legal Resources We don’t take cases in Florida but we found these Fort Myers personal injury lawyers who put together some helpful education resources on their website.