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Afraid you can’t file an injury claim if you didn’t get immediate medical care? Our Phoenix Personal injury lawyers explain how that’s not the case in this video.

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We often get questions about what you should do first in the event of an accident. Sometimes we get calls from clients who didn’t seek out medical care right from the very beginning. My advice is if you are in a motor vehicle accident, as soon as you see any sign of injury whatsoever, back pain, neck pain, leg pain, you should immediately seek out medical care. It certainly makes it easier for us to recover for those injuries if we can show that the injury is related to the accident. Now, if you’re in that situation where you didn’t seek out care and it did take some time for the injury to manifest, that does not bar your claim.

We would rather you have sought treatment right away, but if you did not, that’s not unusual. That happens from time to time. If that happened to you, seek out counsel from an experienced injury attorney in Arizona.

If you are injured in an accident, not seeking immediate medical care will not impede your claim. Get immediate medical care and contact our experienced Phoenix slip and fall attorneys for guidance.

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