Life After a Truck Accident

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

Life After a Truck AccidentThere are mistakes, believe it or not, that parties who are not at fault in truck accidents make concerning their cases. Not just truck accident cases but in regular car accident cases, as well. They claim to have been injured, but then do boneheaded stuff like posting pictures on their Facebook page or Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat of them out playing basketball or riding in bumper cars at the county fair or hot air balloon riding over South Mountain. These things are just silly. It’s hard for you to claim to be personally injured when you have Facebook posts like that.

Please be aware that the insurance company and a competent opposing counsel is going to go research all of this information. It’s silly to post all of this stuff if you’re claiming to be injured, especially if it’s a soft tissue injury case. You don’t have any broken bones but you’re just claiming strains and all of that stuff. You can’t be out playing basketball or flag football and posting this stuff on Facebook. That’s going to come back to bite you. It’s going to work against you. It’s going to take away from the value of your case because the insurance company and if it went to trial, the jury is not going to believe that you were that hurt in a car accident or truck accident if you’re out playing volleyball with your girlfriend and high school buddies.

It’s important that you don’t make critical mistakes like that. Rushing back to work too soon when you’re not well and reinjuring yourself because it could be that they’re not responsible for that subsequent injury. You want to be very careful. While you’re healing, heal. Take your recovery process seriously. Make sure you get back to where you need to get to before you resume a lot of normal activities. I know it’s a burden. I know you want to get back to life quick but all of these things weigh into it. Go to all of your doctor’s appointments. You can’t go one week, then skip five weeks, then go back. These are all arguments that are going to be brought up that are going to take away from the value of your case, arguments that are going to be made about then.

Do all of your treatment. Do everything that the doctor says. Get well and don’t make the critical mistake of taking your recovery process lightly because you filed the claim. You have to follow through all the way to the end with patience and with endurance so that you get the best possible outcome.

Talking to Insurance Companies

After a motorcycle accident, you will have a barrage of calls from insurance companies – your insurance company, the at-fault driver’s insurance company, the healthcare insurance companies – the list goes on and on of folks who will want to talk with you. They’ll want to get recorded statements from you. One thing should be abundantly clear— it is so important that you retain competent counsel as soon as possible after being involved in an accident because the insurance companies will press you for a recorded statement. Please be assured that they’re not recording these statements for your benefit; it’s for their benefit to determine the amount of liability. Yes, your own insurance company can deny liability for your injuries that you have sustained as a result of the accident.

It’s never a good idea just to trust the insurance company and give a recorded statement. It is the best idea to call an attorney early on. They will walk you through the insurance process, talk to the insurance companies for you, and tell the insurance companies, in fact, to not call you at all and to call the law office and deal with them, so you don’t say anything that could be used against you later to devalue your case or minimize the amount of your recovery.

Claim Timeline

In resolving truck accident injury claims in the state of Arizona, they take more time, oftentimes, than the basic car accident between two civilian drivers because you have professional drivers and a number of other parties involved. You have to determine who is the responsible party and how liability is going to be divided up amongst all potential responsible parties. How long does it take? We can’t give a direct answer about that. It depends on a specific number of variables and if this matter is going to settle early on or if it’s going to need to be tried in court. Of course, you have a lot of insurance companies involved with their high profile, big corporate lawyers and whatnot, so it could take a lot of time. What’s important for you is to have an attorney that has your best interest at heart that’s going to litigate this and put the time in that’s necessary to get you the best possible outcome.

Patience is always warranted. You don’t want to have knee-jerk responses and get a quick answer, a quick resolve, but it’s not reflective of what you really deserve. Sometimes, it takes time to get you what you deserve. Talk with your lawyer about any timing concerns that you may have and the impact that it may be having on you emotionally and socially.

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