Negligent Security Claim Mistakes

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Negligent Security Claim MistakesQuestion:

What are some common negligent security claim mistakes?


Out of all of the mistakes that we’ve seen clients make regarding their cases, specifically in negligent security cases, is saying too much or talking in a way that’s contrary to the claim that you’re making. We see this happen a lot on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. We always advise people to be careful what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to.

I’ve also seen people make the mistake of being retaliatory toward the company, retaliatory toward the security guard. You have to stay away from all of these things because these things could take away from your case, especially if it goes to trial. Juries and judges generally don’t like to see that kind of stuff, so make sure that before you’re doing something, as it relates to your negligent security claim, that you’re talking with your attorney about it, so that we’re making sure that your claims are preserved. Before you scratch that itch, call your lawyer, talk to them, so that we can make sure that you’re not becoming a hindrance to yourself as it relates to your negligent security claim.

Here is how we value your claim:

When putting a value on a claim like this, we look at two types of damages: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages refer to all of the ways that having been involved in this incident has cost you money. It likely cost you money to go to the doctor and get the treatment that you need, especially if you needed emergency treatment such as surgery. It likely cost you money if you’ve had to miss work and burn through your sick time because you were recovering. It also likely cost you money if you can’t return to the same type of work that you did before because you were too hurt to do so.

Economic damages have more to do with the ways that your life has changed and been affected. We will look at your pain and suffering that you’ve had to endure and will continue to have to endure. We will see how your life has been impacted since physically, emotionally and mentally. We take into consideration what it has done to your mental health or what it is done to the health of your relationships with people surrounding you.

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