School Injury Liability in Arizona

Was your child injured at school and you have questions about who is going to pay for their medical bills? Watch this video by dedicated Phoenix injury lawyer James Green to learn about school injury liability in Arizona.

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There can be situations where a kid is injured in school. Kids can get beat up or get bullied by another kid, a teacher can use excessive disciplinary measures, or the kid could fall off the monkey bars. One thing to remember is if you have a claim against any kind of a school like a municipality, there is a Notice of Claim Statute in the state of Arizona. What that means, is in order to recover from that school, you have to file a Notice of Claim. The problem with it is you have to file it within 90 days of the injury or incident occurring. You can’t wait. If something happened to your kid, if your kid was injured at school, make sure you contact an attorney right away so that they can take those steps to preserve your case.

If you or someone you love was injured while at school, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our dedicated injury lawyers for a free confidential consultation to learn about your rights as they pertain to school injury liability in Arizona.

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