4 Negligent Security Tips That May Help Your Case

Did you seriously injured due to inadequate security in Arizona? Read our 4 negligent security tips that may help your case, then call us now.

1) Choosing the Right Attorney

4 Negligent Security Tips That May Help Your CaseNegligent security cases are some of the worst cases you’ll ever come across because they are always completely preventable. These are situations that should not have happened. You get damaged or injured on somebody else’s property, and they’ve hired security guards to be there, but they are untrained or unqualified, and you sustain an injury because of a negligent hiring of a security company or security guard. It’s a little sliver of law, but it’s a very important sliver of law. You’d be surprised by the number of folks in the state of Arizona that are impacted by negligent security.

In selecting a negligent security attorney or pursuing negligent security claims, you want to talk to your lawyer about the facts as they occurred. We want to get all of the parties involved. You want to make sure this person is open to understanding what has happened to you, is competent in trial work, and knows how to dig up the facts and training records to pursue the claims adequately and aggressively. We do that all the time, pursuing these types of claims. Call our law office, if you’re here in Arizona, and let’s see what the case entails. Get a litigator on the case, so that we can make sure your claims are adequately pursued.

2) Claim Timeline

In pursuing a negligent security claim here in the state of Arizona, it could take some time, depending on the number of parties that are involved. Is there a management company at the property? Who hired the security guard? Is the security guard in his personal capacity or in their official capacity? There could be a number of factors that speed up or delay the process of pursuing the claim. Your injury is going to weigh into it. How long is it going to take you to convalesce and recover if you sustained some type of injury? There could be a spectrum of time that it would take to resolve your negligent security claim.

If you have any concerns, we would urge you to talk over those things with a lawyer so that we can discuss them and make sure we’re addressing what’s important to you and make sure that we are preserving the claim. We don’t want a rush to judgment, but we certainly don’t want to kick the can down the road, either.

3) Case Value

As with any personal injury claim, the value of a negligent security claim depends on the damages. What are the damages? What are the injuries? What were the losses: the actual losses, the pecuniary losses, the special losses, or the compensatory ones? We put all of those things in a pot. Did you miss work? Was there some loss of consortium of life? Was there a physical injury that you incurred as a result of this negligent security? We put all those things in a big pot and we determine what the value of your case is.

This is not something that the lawyer does on his own. You’re very involved in the process of determining what the value of this case should be. When you meet with one of our lawyers and you sit down and you talk with us, we’ll talk with you about what the Arizona law says about your claim. We’ll go over the facts of the case with you and we’ll assign a value to the case that we will request of the bad party, either in prelitigation or in litigation, should it become necessary.

4) Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Out of all of the mistakes that we’ve seen clients make regarding their cases, specifically in negligent security cases, is saying too much or talking in a way that’s contrary to the claim that you’re making. We see this happen a lot on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. We always advise people to be careful what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to.

I’ve also seen people make the mistake of being retaliatory toward the company, retaliatory toward the security guard. You have to stay away from all of these things because these things could take away from your case, especially if it goes to trial. Juries and judges generally don’t like to see that kind of stuff, so make sure that before you’re doing something, as it relates to your negligent security claim, that you’re talking with your attorney about it, so that we’re making sure that your claims are preserved. Before you scratch that itch, call your lawyer, talk to him, so that we can make sure that you’re not becoming a hindrance to yourself as it relates to your negligent security claim.

Did you or a loved one seriously injured due to inadequate security in Arizona and have questions? After reading our 4 negligent security tips that may help your case, contact experienced Phoenix Negligent Security Attorneys at Smith & Green today for a legal consultation.

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