How a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

How a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Can HelpYou probably already know that a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court and advise you if you’re offered a plea deal. That’s not all that your lawyer can help you with. There are many other ways a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can help you throughout the entirety of the legal process.

How a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Educate You on Your Legal Rights

One of the ways how a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can help is by educating you on your legal rights. This goes far beyond understanding the basics about search and seizure and Miranda rights. This is about you knowing and understanding your rights before, during, and after trial. This is important because you don’t want to accidentally say something or do something that you shouldn’t. The police, and other officials, may try to tell you that they can help you if you help them. This isn’t always true. Never say or do anything on the premise of what they tell you they can do for you until you talk to your lawyer.

Explain Your Legal Options

A good Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can explain your legal options to you. They can also inform you regarding whether what’s being offered is fair or in your best interest.

Explore All Possible Solutions

If your rights were violated, the criminal court may be required to dismiss the charges filed against you by the state. Your lawyer should look at the facts surrounding your charge to ensure that the State did not violate your rights. The most common violations include improper procedure, lack of evidence for the charge or charges brought against you, unlawful search and seizure, and failing to read you the Miranda rights.

Represent You Through Any Plea Deal Negotiations

If you’re offered a plea deal and both you and your lawyer know that going to trial would result in a guilty verdict, a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can help you by negotiating a deal that minimizes the penalties against you.

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If you’re facing a criminal charge, your entire life hangs in the balance. A conviction could mean time behind bars, expensive fines, the loss of your current job, and difficulty finding a good job in the future. The right defense strategy is crucial to protecting your freedom and your rights. If you’re named as a defendant in a criminal case, contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer right away.

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