Identity Theft and Other White-Collar Crimes

Identity Theft and Other White-Collar Crimes

Identity Theft and Other White-Collar CrimesIf you have been convicted of identity theft or any other white-collar crimes, your future will be in jeopardy. Not only will it affect your employment, but you could also face large fines and jail time. Call an experienced Phoenix white-collar crimes lawyer today to protect your freedoms and get the defense you deserve.

Identity Theft and Other White-Collar Crimes

Identity theft is another form of fraud. It involves getting someone else’s private information and using it for financial gain. It could be used to defraud a mortgage company or a credit card company. This crime can be charged on its own or in conjunction with at least one other crime.

Embezzlement, Forgery, and Check Fraud

Embezzlement is probably the most commonly recognized form of white-collar crime. It is the stealing or misappropriation of money that doesn’t belong to you. Generally, it happens in a corporate environment. It is often charged along with fraud.

Forgery is a charge that means you’re accused of signing someone else’s name to a document of some kind or creating a replica of something. The document could be a legal document (such as a contract or loan agreement), a credit card application, or signing someone else’s name to a check without their permission. Works of art and money can also be forged. With money, it’s generally referred to as counterfeiting.

Passing a bad check means that the check provided as payment for goods or services comes from an account that is closed or that doesn’t have the required funds to pay the recipient. It is often referred to as check fraud.

Hire a Phoenix White-Collar Crimes Lawyer

If you’re investigated for or under investigation for a white color crime, don’t panic. Don’t agree to talk to law enforcement without your lawyer present. They may tell you that they can help you if you talk to them, but you should not believe them. Instead, immediately call a Phoenix white collar crimes lawyer to get aggressive representation. Don’t try to face federal or state officials on your own. They could try to pressure you into admitting to something you didn’t do. Protect yourself and your future.

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