Negotiating a Child Support Arrangement

Negotiating a Child Support ArrangementIf you and your spouse are going through the process of divorce, you will probably find yourself negotiating a child support arrangement in court. Here are some tips for child support hearings that will help ease your burden during this stressful time.

Negotiating a Child Support Arrangement | Be Honest

Some parents are tempted to hide assets (especially income) in the hopes of decreasing their child support obligation. This is a very dangerous game to play with the court. If and when the court finds out the truth, you can face fines or jail time for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Additionally, the primary custodian must also be honest about what they spend to care for their child. The court will examine the amounts presented and determine whether it is excessive. If the court believes the primary custodian is purposefully spending more than is reasonable, the court may not raise the child support amount. The court may also change the custody order.

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Is Marital Misconduct a Factor?

If the parties are going through a divorce and one alleges marital misconduct, will the court consider that as a factor for child support? The answer is no. Child support is not used to punish a spouse because of how they allegedly misbehaved during a marriage. It is only to help meet the financial needs of the minor children now and in the future.

Child Support Payments

You and the other parent can agree on a child support amount that the two of you consider reasonable. You and the other parent can also agree on paying child support past the date the child becomes a legal adult. Parties can also agree to paying for private school, college, travel, summer camp, and enrichment activities. Keep in mind, though, that the court will ultimately approve the amount. Talk with a Phoenix child support lawyer to learn more.

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