Restoring Your Maiden Name After Divorce

Restoring Your Maiden Name After DivorceCommonly, our female clients who are going through a divorce want to change their last name. If you have any questions about restoring your maiden name after divorce, please contact the offices of Smith & Green, Attorneys at Law today to schedule a free consultation.

Restoring Your Maiden Name After Divorce

Most of our female clients that come in for a divorce want their maiden name to be restored to them after the closing of divorce. That’s a very simple process and we don’t see much contention involving that. In fact, you’d be surprised that most men want their spouses to take back on their maiden name and not keep the family name. We don’t necessarily see a lot of contention involving that. It’s a simple request that’s made to the court for the name to be restored. It’s issued as a part of the Divorce Decree. That female client would then go through the process with Social Security, and the Motor Vehicles, and the other appropriate government agencies to get the name restored back to the maiden name.

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Restoring Your Maiden Name After Divorce

If there becomes a contention involving the name where the husband wants the name removed from the spouse and her name restored to her maiden name, but the female spouse does not want to give up the married name, then that’s a completely separate analysis. We have to determine what interest she has in the name. There are legal underpinnings that have to be addressed with that you would obviously need a lawyer for to help you get through those process. Largely, we don’t see a lot of those cases. It’s a simple request that’s made to the court in the process of the divorce. We don’t see a lot of pushback with those. That’s something you want to discuss with your lawyer to make sure early on that that’s understood that you want your maiden name restored to you.

If you have questions about changing your last name after divorce in Arizona, please contact our dedicated Phoenix divorce lawyers for a free consultation.

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