Things the Judge Will Consider When Determining Child Support

Things the Judge Will Consider When Determining Child SupportDivorces with children involved can often get messy. Disputes over child custody and support payments sometimes lead to heated arguments and can draw out the entire process, making it extra-stressful for everyone involved. Of course, many divorces are much more amicable and mutual agreements can easily be made. In any event, however, you will want to know what things the judge will consider when determining child support in Arizona.

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Things the Judge Will Consider When Determining Child Support | Process

While the parents of the minor child could agree on an amount for child support (or even discuss the possibility of no child support), it is up to the court to approve the arrangement. However, in many cases, the parents cannot agree. When child custody is addressed by the family court, the parties, represented by a Phoenix child support lawyer, will be bound by the amount set by the judge unless one of the parties files a modification at a later date.

Things the Judge Will Consider When Determining Child Support | Factors

Factors that greatly influence the child support arrangement are the income of both parents and the amount of children involved. Generally, the parent with the greater income will be obligated to pay more child support. However, it also depends on the child custody arrangement. The amount of parenting time for each parent post-divorce is also a large contributing factor.

Other factors that will determine the amount of child support include health insurance payments, medical needs of the child, educational expenses, dental care, and transportation expenses.

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