3 Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination

3 Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination

3 Common Examples of Workplace DiscriminationDo you feel you are being discriminated against at work? It can sometimes be confusing whether what happened to you is considered discrimination. It is also hard to determine on your own whether that discrimination is protected under a federal law or a state law. Our experienced Phoenix employment lawyer answers your questions about 3 common examples of workplace discrimination.

3 Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination | Age Discrimination

We recently had somebody contact our office who wanted help because they felt like they were being discriminated against because of their age. The problem was that this person was only 23 years old. One thing to keep in mind is that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act only protects individuals that are age 40 years and older, what we refer to as the protected age group. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is still a very important law.

Another issue that people in this age group have is applying for positions. Some individuals go to apply for positions and the job posting is asking for somebody who is young, energetic, or a “digital native.” All these terms are designed to bring in somebody who is younger. If you’re applying for a position, and you can’t get that position, and they have something like that in their job posting, please contact us so that we can help you.

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3 Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination | Gender Discrimination

Recent times have led to an increase of female employees voicing concerns regarding differences not only in treatment but differences in pay. Many female employees who have similar qualifications to their male counterparts are being paid less than people who are doing the same job who happen to be male. We run into that quite often here. There is a law that protects you: The Equal Pay Act, and even some provisions under Title VII that could protect women, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and other acts that have recently been passed by our legislature and presidents. You should sit and talk with a lawyer about this because there is a detailed analysis that needs to be done. There’s a lot of forensic evidence and data that needs to be compiled because it might not just be you, it could be a history that employer has. I’ve seen it more than once where an employer has a history of paying women less.

3 Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination | Religious Discrimination

We recently had someone come to us that was concerned about the things that were being said at work. The things that were said were related to their religious beliefs. They were called names and mocked. If you feel that you are in that situation, we highly recommend you speak to an attorney. If you speak with us, we can let you know if that type of behavior is something that is protected under the law. We can give you the correct path to put a stop to that.

If you feel you have been the target of workplace discrimination, please contact our experienced Phoenix employment lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

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