Questions to Ask a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

Questions to Ask a Phoenix Criminal LawyerIf you are charged with a crime or are currently under investigation, you will need an experienced legal defense strategy. Hiring the right lawyer is probably the most important part of your case. Here are some potential questions to ask a Phoenix criminal lawyer when making your decision.

Is the Criminal Defense Lawyer Experienced?

Knowledge of the system and the applicable laws is extremely important. This encompasses everything from being able to recognize if your rights were violated before you were charged, to how due process occurs, to understanding the rules of the court, to skillfully negotiating a plea deal, to zealously protecting your rights and your freedom.

Does the Lawyer Understand How Criminal Cases are Developed?

This often comes from experience. It can also happen when a former prosecutor decides to become a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. Understanding how criminal cases are developed is highly beneficial to client defense.

Does the Lawyer Have a Successful Track Record for Similar Criminal Charges?

Not all Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are created equal. Some have a lot of experience in DWIs, but they might not have ample experience in burglaries or drug charges. Make sure that you ask the lawyer about their history of success in handling similar cases. This is important regardless of whether this is your first charge or if you’ve been charged with a crime in the past.

If you’re charged with a crime, don’t wait to get help schedule a free consultation today. Call an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer at (602) 812-2122. Your entire future is on the line.

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