Harassment at Work

Harassment at WorkHave you been a victim of harassment at work? We want to help. If you believe you have suffered sexual harassment or a form of employee discrimination while on the job, please contact our experienced Phoenix employment law attorneys today to arrange a free consultation. Don’t remain silent. Let our experience work for you.

Harassment at Work | Sexual Harassment

One of our clients contacted us recently because she was subjected to unwelcome sexual remarks in the workplace. Some of the comments were being made by her general manager. The comments were very inappropriate and sexual in nature. She didn’t know what to do. She recorded some of those conversations, which is very helpful when we’re pursuing the case in court, but it didn’t put an end to it. She went to HR and filed a complaint, but they didn’t take action because of the high level of this particular employee. What I would recommend, if you experience any unwelcome sexual remarks, or sexual comments, or even sexual advances at work, is to contact an experienced employment lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona to help.

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Harassment at Work | Owner, CEO, or Manager

There have been clients that come to our office who tell us their stories of sexual harassment at work by the owner of their company. They have not taken action against because they do not know what remedies are available to them. It often makes them feel that they cannot report this harassment because it comes from so high up, so they don’t take it to HR. Waiting an extended period of time can be a bad thing, but luckily, we have been able to see our clients before the statute of limitations runs out. It is hard for these clients to take this to HR because they might feel like there will be no recourse.

Here at Smith & Green, we recognize that the analysis of harassment from an owner is different than it would be from a coworker. When it’s someone that’s that high up, you feel like there is no one else to report it to.

With many clients that feel like they’ve been harassed by owners or by people that are so high up to where there’s nowhere else to go, it could fall under an alter ego analysis. There’s some analysis under the law that the attorney will look at with you to qualify that as alter ego analysis and harassment, which is liability per say. The employer is always liable for alter ego harassment. You should sit and talk with a lawyer about that so they could analyze the facts of your case regarding that analysis.

Are you dealing with workplace harassment from a manager, employer, or fellow co-worker? Contact our dedicated Phoenix employment lawyers for a free confidential consultation and let us help put it to a stop now.

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