Unfair Labor Practices

Unfair Labor PracticesDo you believe you have been discriminated against at your job and have been the victim of unfair labor practices in Phoenix? Federal and state labor laws are supposed to ensure that employees are treated fairly by their employers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you have been a victim of employee mistreatment in Phoenix, please contact the experienced employment lawyers at Smith & Green, P.L.L.C., today to schedule a free consultation. We will make sure that your rights are protected and upheld.

Unfair Labor Practices | Minimum Wage Requirements

In most of Arizona, the minimum wage that can be paid to an employee is $11.00 an hour. The state is scheduled to increase the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour by 2020. All employees are entitled to earn the full minimum wage set by state or federal law, regardless of whether they are entitled to tips. Failure for an employer to pay at least minimum wage is a violation of Arizona’s labor and employment law. Depending on circumstances, the employer may also be in violation of the FLSA. The FLSA sets the federal minimum wage.

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Unfair Labor Practices | Ignoring Overtime Pay

The FLSA has another job besides setting the federal minimum wage. It also creates standards related to overtime pay. Employers are required to provide overtime pay to nonexempt employees who are covered by the FLSA. That includes hourly employees and even some salaried employees. Overtime pay is set at the rate of 1.5 times of an hourly employee’s rate if that employee works more than 40 hours in a week.

Unfair Labor Practices | Workplace Discrimination

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, workers are protected from discrimination based on their sex, race, color, national origin, or religion if the employer has 15 or more employees. Employers may not refuse to hire or fire someone or discriminate against them (including their pay, conditions of employment, benefits, and privileges) based on those five protected classes. They also may not segregate or otherwise classify an employee to deny them employment opportunities or to otherwise impact their status as an employee.

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