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Employment Discrimination Damages

Are you being discriminated against at work? Watch this video by dedicated Phoenix employment lawyer James Green to learn about what kind of employment discrimination damages you may be entitled to.
Read Our FREE Employment Law Guide One of the questions that we most often get is what can someone recover? What are the damages and what can they get? Now that they’ve been discriminated against, what is the value of their case? What I would tell you is that those values are all across the board. In some cases, you’re not seeking a monetary reward. You’re seeking some type of injunctive relief. For example, you want job reinstatement, or you want your employer to do anti-harassment training or something like that to correct the behavior that’s going on. Again, the ranges are very broad. What I would encourage you to do is go see an experienced employment lawyer in Phoenix. Sit down with a lawyer, let them go through the facts of your case, and help them determine what the proper value of that case may be. In some cases, you have to wait and see what a jury decides. Again, I recommend contacting an experienced employment lawyer in Phoenix to help you determine the value of your case. If you are the victim of workplace discrimination, you may be able to recover damages under the law. Contact our experienced Phoenix employment lawyers to learn more about employment discrimination damages. We offer free confidential consultations and will fight to ensure your rights are fully protected under the law. Review Attorney James Green on Avvo