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Workplace Retaliation

Are you being punished at work for reporting something or taking part in a legally protected activity? You may have a claim for workplace retaliation. Watch this video by experienced Phoenix employment lawyer James Green to learn more about your rights. 
Read Our FREE Employment Law Guide One of the biggest concerns that our clients have is what happens after they make a complaint of harassment or discrimination. Our clients are concerned that the employer is going to turn around and take some type of action against them; they’re going to discipline them; they’re going to write them up. They could ultimately fire them for reporting some type of discriminatory conduct. What I would say to you and what I say to our clients is that there are provisions in the law, anti-retaliation provisions in the law that prevent employers from taking retaliatory action against an employee for engaging in any type of protected activity. Protected activity can be opposition conduct, like opposing discrimination, or it can be participation conduct. For example, you participate in some type of internal or external investigation. If you’re concerned about workplace retaliation, or you have been subjected to any type of retaliation as a result of either participating in an investigation or opposing discrimination, please contact an experienced Phoenix employment lawyer to help. Review Attorney James Green on Avvo